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    Strength in Numbers

    When you embark on a lawsuit against a large corporation or government – even with the best lawyer by your side – it can feel like a David and Goliath-type situation.

    Class action lawsuits allow for individuals who have a shared experience of being mislead or mistreated by a corporation or government to come together as a group of people (AKA class members) and hold that entity accountable for their actions.

    Class action lawsuits and the ability to pursue them act as a support to consumer rights; a safeguard against corporate and government wrongdoing; and they increase access to justice.

    ​These legal proceedings can even the playing field between consumers and large corporations. For example: what was once one person pursuing justice for being mislead by tobacco companies about the safety of cigarettes and the health consequences of smoking can turn into a class action that results in an order from the Quebec Superior Court for $15 billion to be paid by a number of cigarette makers.

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    The Benefits

    There are three major benefits that can come from pursuing a class action lawsuit when compared to conventional litigation.

    First, class actions enhance access to justice. Individual suits can be costly and complex, which can prevent people from getting their deserved remedies. A group claim can relieve an individual of being solely responsible for the legal fees and hearings, allowing them to have their case heard.

    Second, class actions modify the behavior of big powerful organizations, companies, and governments by setting a precedent. Corporations, governments, and other large entities are discouraged from wrongdoing because they could be made to pay large sums of money if they are caught doing so. Enforcing accountability on a large group – versus seeking a remedy as a single individual – packs a bigger punch and can have lasting, societal effects.

    Third, class actions help lessen the strain on the judicial system. When there is a common issue, one lawsuit can establish the facts rather than needing to go through many time-consuming, expensive, and repetitive trials. Class actions make the judicial process more efficient overall

    When to Pursue Class Action

    To find out if your case would be best served as a class action lawsuit, give us a call today. One of our experienced lawyers will review your file and determine if it can be pursued as a class action.

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